Saya sendiri adalah seorang programmer, yang setiap hari masih coding, saya juga merupakan salah satu orang yang berlangganan mingguan percakapan dari pertanyaan-pertanyaan pilihan yang ada di Quora – salah satu platform sosial media yang berbasis Q & A.

Nah, beberapa waktu lalu ada satu pertanyaan yang menurut saya menarik untuk dibagi, berkaitan dengan programmer dan kegiatan coding, heheu.

How do programmers have a lot of time to spend on coding?

Apa saja jawaban yang ada?

Macem-macem. Mulai dari yang serius sampai aneh, hahaha.

Building something that works, is the best feeling in the world.

Sometimes you’re just hit with inspiration and code non-stop for hours and stop only to get more pop/coffee/other caffeine delivery system. It’s almost like a trance, you’re never bored and you just keep going, I’ve found myself adding features that had been pushed to another release because I ran out of tasks at 3 in the morning and was still in ‘coding mode’. It’s almost like being really into a video game, and since you’re making progress all the time you feel a constant sense of achievement. And building something that works, whether in software or engineering, is the best feeling in the world.

Michael Moszczynski (CTO Souktel)

Because it’s the most fun and interesting thing for a person to do in the entire history of fun and interesting things that humans can do.

I will say that only coding offers a possibility to make something, and then to make something more out of that something, and to then continue building. Perhaps only coders understand how the tools written can pile up into something amazing and how Moore’s law fuels this possibility and how every other human activity pales by comparison.

Alan Tracey Wootton (The first version of Adobe Acrobat’s writer)

Programming as a “game”.

I always see programming as a “game” a game that exercises your mind. learning new technologies, programming paradigms, talking or engaging in your local dev/programming community is a lot of fun!

Kyel John M. David (Software Engineer for Health Care Startup)

Intellectual and Satisfaction

Programmers find huge amount of intellectual “high” and satisfaction when they create something they imagined. It has less to do with what they created but more to do with realizing their vision. The feedback from environment (world) when they see what they imagined or thought is so powerful that it keeps them to continue to do.



It’s their job, 8AM to 5PM, year after year.

Elto Desukane


Maybe time is relative to their passion.

Prayag Upd

Itu cuma beberapa cuplikannya, pengen yang lebih lengkap? Ada di

Kalau kalian merasa pernah menghabiskan banyak waktu juga buat coding, boleh dishare juga lho pengalamannya, heheu.

Happy debuging! :))


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