Actually, this is a last year challenge from my friend Mira to answer 11 random questions. And here we go after 10 months, wkwk.

1. What are 5 little things that make you happy?

Being able to work from anywhere, publish a blog post, playing cards – visit beach – random conversation with family, my code works like a charm, and recently solo travelling.

2. If it’s possible to live your live like a movie, which movie would you choose?

I’m really like Iron Man, but obsessed with Hancock, wkwk

3. Current playlist?

Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, The Strokes, Linkin Park, ONE OK ROCK and some Japanese band, some female vocalist from Indonesia and Spotify Discovery (kekinian, lol).

4. One thing about life you wish you had known 5 years ago?

Become more sensitive and more mature.

5. Favourite bookshop(s)?

Actually i’m not a bookshops person, but in my childhood often going to Toko Ester near Terminal Kongsi in my hometown Purworejo. Now, they just selling Al-Quran and Islam related books.

6. What’s the last thing you did for the first time?

Visiting Menara Kudus with Associate Professor Ferry Jie from Edith Cowan University Australia.

7. K-drama & k-pop, yay or nay?

Yay! haha

Until now, i still watch Korean Reality Show Running Man and some video clip of Korean artist, but maybe last year for K-Drama.

8. The best finger lickin’ good food?

MANGUT LELE! (especially cooked by my mother)

9. What do you think about the cabinet reshuffle?

Hmm… I usually do a background check of the minister after he gets a job, but don’t really care before that. Only trying to trust Mr. President to decide.

10. Your favourite guilty pleasure habit?

Collecting website domain name. Maybe i already have 15 domain under my account right now, hahaha.

11. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Healing, lol

Because I don’t know the exact rule for this challenge, then i will follow Mira to challenge my friends to answer the same questions. I choose them based on number of interaction with me on Twitter.

  1. @nunskiii : mbak-mbak pegiat digital agency ibukota.
  2. @ratrianggardani : mbak-mbak random yang sekarang tinggal di Malang.
  3. @maarceuu : wanita karier yang berhasil pindah dari Jakarta ke Bogor.
  4. @lamanwisnu : mas-mas pecinta alam yang udah sampai Himalaya.
  5. @bagasardhianto : temen yang punya skillset lengkap kalau diajak jalan (driver, fotografi, adventure, musik indie, hahaha ^_^v)

Happy Answering!

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